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i bought this skull for a cosplay and

Omigosh I bought the same exact skull for… the same exact reason……

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desperately wanting to rp when you dont know all the lore yet


Also see:

  • desperately wanting to RP but you haven’t figured all of your character out yet
  • desperately wanting to RP but you have no one to do it with.
  • desperately wanting to RP but your character breaks original lore.
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bucky barnes more like fuck me barnes


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Consider the roleplay shit an experiment and see how it goes. Other people are just starting too

Fair point, Kind Anon and thank you! I was just on the account now and I started replying/making threads with people - so I just hope it goes okay!

On a somewhat related note, if anyone wants to follow/ask questions on my RP Blog it’s here! It’s a Hawkeye roleplay blog! Any questions would be very much appreciated. 

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I set up a roleplay account but I’m too damn anxious to actually roleplay with people on it 

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You have no idea how long I’ve waited for someone to STATE THE DAMN OBVIOUS

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make me choose:
reflectionoftheeluvian asked:
elizabeth or and snow white

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Well now I can correctly moonwalk away from uncomfortable situations

Because everyone deserves to know how to do a mean moonwalk.


its not important

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The SSB4 rooster looks good so far!

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otp challenge → 4/7 scenes

↳ ”We’re throwing a Halloween party at our house.”

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Artist Mike S. Miller's rendition of Groot and Rocket from 'Guardian's of the Galaxy' as Calvin and Hobbes.

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